My name is Emily and I like reading.

I consider myself enormously lucky in that, as I was growing up, my parents would let me read or listen to pretty much any book or audiobook I fancied. Much of what I know about the world has been learnt this way and I like to think I’ve done pretty well out of it.

My dream is to work with books. I tried teaching English, thinking that would do but it wasn’t enough, and so now I’m battling the fierce competition as I try and get into the publishing industry.

Here you will find my thoughts (ramblings really) on some of my favourite books, as well as ones I find interesting, or ones that I actually don’t like much at all.

I won’t lie, my primary aim is for publishers to send me proof copies to read before they’re released. I’d love that. I’ve had a couple of books from publishers just from applying to work with them and it makes me feel very special 🙂

Anyway, that’s about it. These are not ‘professional’ reviews and I don’t write formally, it’s just what I think about them.

If there’s anything you reckon I’d enjoy, first have a quick look through my first post where my preferences are, and then, if you still think I’d like it, please let me know!


Em x