An Introduction

I initially just copied and pasted my first review in to this space, then realised it was probably a good idea to give some context to what I write.

My name is Emily and I love reading. This has always been the jokey line my friends and I will say will be how we introduce ourselves so there is it.

I have a degree in English and American Literature and I’m a qualified (though not practicing) secondary school English teacher.

English literature has been my speciality since as long as I can remember. My year 4 teacher told my mum I’d grow up to study English and, maybe it was self-fulfilling prophecy but she was right. At GCSE my single A* grade was in English lit as well as my one A at A Level.

At university I favoured contemporary literature but read a lot of older and some much older texts too. I like the classics but my first love will always be more modern things.

Some likes and dislikes –

Contemporary American Fiction
Young adult (just not too much!)

War books (don’t ask me why, they’ve just never appealed.)
Overly sappy romances
Non-fiction (as a VERY general rule. I can be swayed.)

There are probably more on both sides but looking over at my book shelves, that’s what comes to mind right now.

So, me right now… I am currently not working. I made the decision to leave teaching after a couple of years quite simply because it wasn’t all I wanted it to be. I wanted to spend my working life talking about books and that was only a tiny part of what I was doing while teaching. Right now I’m applying endlessly to publishing houses, trying to get into publishing, but in the mean time, figured I’d begin writing about some of the things I read to kill the time.

I should say, I read a lot. Roughly two books a week. I can do this because I have time and because I love an audiobook, so generally will read one book and listen to one.

I’ll only post about the ones I have strong feelings about.

Right, well, that’s about it.

Currently reading –
Book: The Girl in the Red Coat by Kate Hamer
Audio: The Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz

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